Well, welcome to Lent.

I am not a Lent person.  I grew up in an Atheist/Catholic hybrid home, so I have fond (NOT) memories of Lent being the time where I was supposed to prove I belonged to the Catholic side by being forced to give up something good and I never really understood why.  As a result, I still don’t like it.  I have residual feelings of Lent being about reluctant (dragged-kicking-and-screaming) ‘sacrifice’. If you weren’t reluctant, it was because you were an angel-child and it made you a hero.  If you were reluctant, you were selfish.

So, sometimes, that’s how judgey-me feels about Lent.

Which is different than how I feel about Easter, which is a time to gain; a time to remember how much you have already gained.  Everything. In Christ.  Sure, the Christian life is one of sacrifice, but calling it a sacrifice feels a little weird.  Since it’s sort of like giving up a toy car to gain a real car.  Or like how it’s a sacrifice to let someone hang out at your backyard pool, while you go to Bora Bora.  I mean….sacrifice seems like a big word.  I get it.  Biblical word, sure.  But also a big word.

So, Lent.  I’m not into the giving-up stuff, but I guess if I was, I’d like it to be a giving-up of stupid things that are getting in between me and my Jesus.  If there is going to be a starting of discipline,  let it be – not for the sake of paying God back or showing Him how hard we are willing to work for Him, or what He’s worth to us – but for the sake of prioritizing the important over the urgent.

Prioritizing. I’m a fan.  You gotta do it to make sure that you’re spending your life and time on the things that matter most, and not getting distracted by whatever is right in front of you, (which will force its way in and take over EVERY TIME).

Maybe that’s what this Lent will be about for me.  40 days of fighting to live in line with what I actually value.  Not being a slave to what life throws at to me; not responding to the urgent, but prioritizing what I believe is important.  (I think that’s the point of discipline, so that makes sense).

So, for Lent, I’m going to write.

Which may not sound like it’s about God, but it is.  Cause it’s a thing I think we value, that gets neglected for sleep and work and tv.  And, also, you know what Jesus and I both love?  Words.  We both freaking love words. I imagine if I were married it might be cool to agree to spend 40 days in a row, doing something my spouse and I loved together, like going on a bike ride every morning, or cooking together.  Just whatever we like to do, and doing it together; something that we both love, together.  Seems like that would be sweet and the kind of discipline that might be really healthy for a marriage.  

So this is my thing I’m taking on: 40 days of writing something here with Him.  (I ‘m HOPING the theme will be what I’m learning about intimacy, but 40 days is a lot, so I’m guessing some days you’ll get a few sentences about what I’m thinking about).  And I’ll try to throw in some Lent processing questions for ya each day!

For example – today you could process: what is one thing you could take on this Lent to do with God (rather than for Him)?  Something you and God both love that might build the <3 between you. 

Happy Lent.

4 thoughts on “Lent:1

  1. Oh my starts Fabs! You are an amazing writer and communicator. Thank you so much for doing this. I was in ways about this having to give something up as I’m not doing/ consuming an awfull much at the moment.

    Thank you a hundred times over for your obedience to write and for allowing us to get a peak into your relationship with Dad.

  2. umm so i guess allen and i will stuff our faces and watch movies every night. teehee


  3. I can relate to those weird feelings about lent. I grew up that way too and this is the best way I’ve read it described and a different way to experience and take back what it really is about. THANK YOU!

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