29 things I believe

I’m about to begin my 30th year of life.  I turn 29 on Tuesday.  In honor of such a momentous event I thought I’d share 29 things that I believe about life.  Some of these things are godly; some, not so much.  Some of these things I would die for; some I’m sure I’ll look back on one day and be amazed by my youth and ignorance.

Below are the 29 things that make up my world-view today.  They’re things that have persevered me, things that have kept me alive, things that have made me smile, things that have brought joy to my life.

In no particular order…

  1. Food is good
  2. Community is important
  3. The only things I’m promised are the things I’m promised
  4. The only things I need are the things I have
  5. I am a far greater sinner than I ever imagined
  6. I have a far greater savior
  7. The bible really matters
  8. My feelings really matter to God
  9. My obedience really matters to God
  10. God is sovereign
  11. Churches are made up of sinners
  12. Grace is only grace if I give it to people who don’t meet my standards
  13. The lives of saints are encouraging
  14. The lives of sinners are encouraging
  15. Suffering is God’s grace
  16. Ministry is for screw-ups
  17. The greatest dangers rarely dress up like dangers
  18. Prayer matters
  19. Fight sin or die
  20. There is only one God
  21. Life happens for me, not to me
  22. Allergies suck
  23. Lost people matter
  24. Broken people matter
  25. Thinking you’re immature is a sign of maturity
  26. I need to know Scripture to persevere
  27. ‘No’ people are as valuable as ‘yes’ people
  28. Getting God is the key to contentment
  29. Sin can save

Since most of them probably don’t make a ton of sense, I’ll walk through them in more detail over the next couple of blogs.  Let me know what yours are in the comment section below!

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