4 truths that got me through this weekend

Guys.  God is really good.

And I know you know, but just in case you don’t: He’s really good.

This past Saturday I felt blick.  I felt so dissatisfied with God.  He felt insufficient to me.  The thought of teaching a bunch of women about being satisfied in Jesus when I felt so far from the mark was just a tad overwhelming.

I told myself: blessings not burdens!  I told myself: Just love Jesus!  But my heart was needed words more powerful than my own.  I needed His truth.

Here are three things that He has been faithful to remind me:

1. God’s glory is not at stake.  Ever.  God’s going to get all the glory that can be had out of every single aspect of His creation.  And while my I want to steward His Word with great care, I must also remember that my words are not powerful enough to distort His glory.  My sin – no matter how dark – cannot diminish the light that shines in the name of Christ.

2. God’s ability to use me is not based on my qualifications but His.  Whenever I feel unqualified to teach it is a great reminder that even on my best day my resume is useless.

I know that, that’s why I traded resumes’ with Jesus in the first place. I knew my resume was a mess, that’s why I knelt at His cross and begged Him to bear the consequences for my choices.  I begged Him for more than a fresh start.  I didn’t need to start over, I needed a resume just handed to me that already had a list of perfect accomplishments on it.

And that’s the miracle of the Gospel: sinful silly fabs, wrapped up and tucked away – hidden – in the perfect life of Jesus Himself.

When I feel ‘unqualified’, it sounds like humility, but what I’m really saying is – Jesus is unqualified, cause we switched spots some years back.

3. God likes to use my weakness to display His strength.  The resounding emotion in my heart as I drove home on Sunday was humility.

Out of all the people who God could have picked to teach on being satisfied that day – He picked me.  He picked me at my worst.  He picked me at my least satisfied to stand up and plead hope from a hopeless heart.

After all, that’s how it’s always been with me and Him.  He came and got me while I was still dead.  He has never asked me to pull my own weight.  He has always liked to use my weakness to show that He is strong enough to pull the whole weight.

4. God is who He says He is.  God really is gracious and forgiving, powerful and mighty.  He’s sweet and near and satisfying, whether I feel that all the time or not.

He weeps at the hardness of my heart and He reveals to me a Holiness that makes me tremble; a Holiness that leaves me with no other option but to fling my arms around His neck and take refuge inside of Him from Him.

On Sunday, my students got to witness the messy and pathetic dance between me and God that I like to call sanctification.

He invited a crowd to watch as I muddled through the tension between what I believe and what I feel.  And through my life on Sunday my students got the ability to see truths about God first hand.  After watching my tongue tangle up with truth, they know that God’s glory can’t be diminished no matter how muddled the mouth.

As they watched me wrestle for faith right in front of them, they saw first hand that our weakness sets the stage for His glory.

And my hope and prayer is that they left seeing what I did: that the Gospel really is as good as it sounds, and God really is as glorious as He claims to be.

2 thoughts on “4 truths that got me through this weekend

  1. Thank you! What a WONDERFUL message and outstanding reminders. I’m so thankful I have found your blog and I am sharing it with everyone I know – cause your messages are REAL and RELEVANT! God can mightly use those who yeild to Him – thanks for doing just that!God doesn’t call the qualified – He qualifies the called!

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