4 ways to be a great mom

My mom is fearfully and wonderfully made.

It’s her 67th birthday today.

She’s probably going to hate that I said her age, but those numbers mean something to me. They mean God is pretty kind to this world to give us so much time with such a wonderful creation.

I know that God made her as more than just a demonstration of His love for me, but she is certainly not less than that. She is living proof that He is crazy about me.

God made me with weird quirks and with specific struggles in mind. He knew every day I would face, and in His infinite wisdom, He gave me her as a guide to this life. Here are 4 reasons (out of a million) that I think He did that:


1. She is a life-long learner.

Three days ago, my mom asked me how she could work on parts of her character that she doesn’t love.

I don’t know anyone who is so eager to grow and change as she is. In a glorious display of humility, I get to watch her teach me with her words and actions that we’re all a work in progress.

I needed a mom like that. I’m more defensive than most, and more rebellious than many. So he gave me her, who with great humility, will still call her arrogant and ignorant daughter, and ask for counsel on how to act.

2. She is authentic.

My mom might be the only person in the world who values authenticity more than me. She is obsessed with communicating directly and sharing with others.

I’ve definitely been accused in my life of being an over-sharer, and I know that tendency in me comes with many dangers.

But I also have an inbox full of emails from you guys; telling me all the ways God has used my vulnerability and transparency to minister to you.

Without my mom modeling authenticity, I never would have had the courage to talk or write the way I do.

3. She is a big fan of water.

Every time anything was wrong with me as a child, my mom’s first response was ALWAYS: ‘you’re not drinking enough water!’ I mean, I would come to her with my finger falling off, covered in blood, and she would get me water.

My theory (based on nothing) is that God made me with a body that needs more water than most, and in His sweet grace, He gave me a mom who would indoctrinate me with our need for it. That may not be true, but I’ll never know. Cause I always drink water.

4. She loves unconditionally.

In my journal, when I was seven years old, I wrote this:

‘mum said that no matter what I do, she will always love me.’

What kind of 7-year-old writes that in their journal?

The kind that came out of the womb feeling panicky and afraid that she was going to blow it. The kind that knew her frailty from the start, and tried to hide it, but always knew she was a loose cannon and always feared that character trait would cost her love. And God, in His great grace, gave that 7-year-old a mom who would always quiet the lies with truth.

Happy birthday to you, my mom.

There is no one like you.

2 thoughts on “4 ways to be a great mom

  1. I highly concur! Your momma is a wonderful women. We could all learn a thing or two from her

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