6 facts about me & 6

[It’s Day 6 of 7in7 .

For day 6 I’m going to admit, I’m dialing it in tonight.

I’m going to tell you 6 facts about myself that relate to the number 6.]

 Six is the number of brothers my mom has.

Nicky, Leo, Peter, Philip, Paul, John.

My mom comes from an Irish Catholic background.  Bet you NEVER would have guessed.

Six is the number of siblings my mom has left alive.

My mom has lost two of her brothers in the last five years.  She has two sisters and four brothers left.  Guys, I have a BIG family.

Six is the chapter of Romans I’m currently memorizing.

(Cue my self-back-patting).  Seriously though, memorizing Scripture has never felt more fruitful to me than this past six months.  There have been so many times that what I’m memorizing in Romans has come alive to me in a whole new way.  I’m a fan.

Six is only HALF the number of times I watched Titanic in the movie theatre.

Believe ‘dat.

Six is the number of kids that just ONE of my mom’s siblings has.

When I say I have a BIG extended family, people say ‘me too’.  To them I say: no. You don’t.

Six is the year I’m ‘in’ of my years on staff at The Austin Stone Community Church

That’s an awkward way to say it, but I’m in my sixth year on staff.  Wowzah.

It feels like a marriage in some ways.  There have been good years and hard years.  We’re in a good year right now.

Love this crazy bride of Christ.

The End.

2 thoughts on “6 facts about me & 6

  1. Girl, I can relate: Irish Catholic family (both mom and dad) – Mom is one of seven, and Dad is one of five!!

    Love me some Romans, and while I’m not the biggest fan of Titanic, I understand the obsession 😉

    AND 12 is my favorite number!

    Hey I’m glad you’re in a good year, thanks for the fun post 🙂

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