7 in 7…

Our great team of worship leaders at The Austin Stone does this thing called ‘7in7’.

…A group of bold artists will take on the challenge of writing 7 brand new and complete songs in 7 days, recording and posting each one online for anyone to hear. This makes for a long week of late nights and uncomfortable vulnerability for everyone involved. Anyone who has ever taken the challenge will tell you of its difficulty. However, they will also certainly be quick to tell you how beneficial it is to force yourself to make art.

Basically, anyone who signs up writes 7 songs in 7 days.7in7

So, here’s the deal.  Who wants to join me and try a version of this for writing??

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Write 7 articles/stories/poems/posts in 7 days
  • Every article/story/poem/post that you write must be complete.
  • Each article/story/poem/post must be new.  (Dusting off and polishing old ideas is not allowed.)
  • Post what you write online! (eek)

The goal of 7in7 is not to write 7 great things. The goal is to develop a discipline of writing…It’s an exercise that stretches and strengthens your creative muscles. At the end of the week you may only have 2 or 3 songs that are worth remembering but you will have developed a discipline for creating which will produce good art.


So, let’s do it!

Who is with me???  If you’re in – we start TOMORROW!

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