A different kind of month

Truth time: my monthly re-cap post is usually just a good excuse for me to get a blog post up with very little creative energy.

This one feels different to me.

This month has felt different to me.

I’m so obsessed with Him right now.

He’s so real to me and near and close.  His Word seems to cut to my heart every time I open it.  I can feel His hands wrapping around my soul and re-making me.

As a result, many of these posts were written with an unusual sense of purpose and intention; a strange proportion confidence that these words might be used to make His face a little less hazy to you.

I want my life to be spent shining a light on the glory of God.  That’s why I write this blog.

This post is no different.

I am asking God to make Himself clearer to you through something in these ten posts.  Pray that for yourself as well.  Ask Him to show you something that you might have missed, or might need to hear again.

1.  Why get married at all 

2. 4 ways the Gospel heals the sting of rejection

3. Discouraged, distracted and afraid

4. Surprise weddings, promises & prep

5. Two things I’m praying for marriage/singleness

6. Four people I’m praying for today

7. 2 reasons I’m glad I read a book for men

8. 4 more reasons I’m glad I read a book for men

9. 6 weapons to kill pride

10. The Lord only knows (literally)

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