A prayer for my pal

[Happy birthday to my sweet Hosea.  This little kiddo probably already has more words prayed over him than most people in the world, and I trust that must mean that God has glorious plans for him.  Please join me in praying for Hosea on his third birthday.]


Thank you for the fearful and wonderful crafting of the soul of Hosea.  Thank you that all the days of his life were written before one of them came to be.  

Will you send your Spirit into him even now?  Own his heart for your inheritance. Will you take this prayer for him and make it more than words? Make it real and tangible evidence of your power and grace.

May ‘Jesus is Better’ become more to him than his favorite song.  May it be the anthem of his life.  May you grant Hosea – even this year – a heart that loves you with all his heart.  

May you give him the gift of a supernatural memory: to hold in his mind the moments he spent with his daddy in this life so that they might help him to hunger for the day when he will be held by you – a Father far greater than any he has yet touched.  Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 5.45.56 PM

May he inherit more from his dad than his eyebrows.  May he inherit his passionate love for the Word.  May Hosie be someone who is richly satisfied by your steadfast love and banks everything on your promises.  May he inherit Ronnie’s repentant heart and awareness of our desperate need for the blood of your Son.  

May he inherit his mother’s compassion.  May he be given the same gift of mercy that you poured in her spirit.  May you give him a heart like hers: that hungers and begs for you to show yourself; that endures in spite of all the pain and sorrow. 

Father- may you finish the work you begin in him.  May he finish the work His parents began.  Give him confidence to believe that no good thing has been withheld from him all the days of his life.

Make him a preacher and teacher of your truth; an ambassador of peace and a minister of reconciliation.  Do whatever you need to do in this year of his life to prepare him for that calling.

Set him apart for your mission – even now, in this fourth year of his life.  May he – like his namesake – be a man whose whole life is a glorious testimony of your gospel of grace.   May your calling on him be visible and powerful and supernatural.  Make him a walking reminder to all who see him – not of a mere mortal man – but a walking reminder that you are a God worth the life of every man.   

Sanctify him in this coming year.  Continue to cultivate his playful heart and sweet strangeness.  Protect his gentleness; let it never be crushed by the weight of this world.   Continue to thread the humor of his daddy into his personality.  Mold his stubbornness into endurance.  Take his impatience, and don’t destroy it, but carve it into a holy dissatisfaction with sin and an unyielding focus on the work of the ministry.  

Father, take these – his father’s words – and make them true for this sweet boy: 

Make us a people so full in Christ that we count the things of this world as nothing. Make us servants of Christ who give up everything so that we can gain everything.”

Love you so much buddy.  Happy birthday.

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