Anonymous Toby post: DAY 1

Yawn. Im awake. I need to go to the bathroom. Is that lady that feeds me awake yet? I don’t want to move if she’s not up….I’ll just lift my eyes up as high as they can go…. Nope – she’s not moving…maybe I should sleep a little more….

Oh – she’s up OH! I’ve gotta go. Gotta go. Gotta go….oh, im in her way, gotta move gotta move got…oh she’s tripping over me- ah! She’s going to the bathroom. Okay, I can hold it a little bit. Maybe if I just lay here on the floor….now she’s running the water. Oh gosh. I can hold it just a little longer.

What’s that noise- bark. Pause. Bark. Pause. Bark. Pause. Bark. Pause. Bark. Pause. Bark


Bark? Bark. Pause.Bark. Pause. Bar –


Oh! That other lady is awake-BARK!


Oh! She has swung open the door to greet me! I will go to her! I will explore her room! So much to see! The forbidden roo –


Ah! I can’t figure this one out – she loves me. She loves me not – how can I know? How can I win her affection! If only she knew me better, I think she would love me. Maybe if she could just look into my eyes! I will try to jum up to her face! Jump!






Okay,okay, new strategy – I will lick her feet incessantly.


Toby! Leave laura alone – let’ go outside.

Finally! Its time for the lady that feeds me to take me outside.

Where’s my buddy? Where’s my buddy? Where’s my buddy? Where’s my buddy?

Gotta go. Gotta go. In the way. In the way. Gotta go.


There he is! I must tackle him and lick his ears! Out we go! Out we go! Oh no. big guys are out there. Head down, slip out the door, don’t make eye contact. Finally, relief! I hope no ones watching. Finally. Okay, nap time.

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