April’s favorite thoughts

Alright party people!  Here are the top ten posts from the past month coupled with a quote from each entry.

So grab a cup of coffee, catch up on anything you missed, and let me know what you think!

1. Angst & Elliot

Maybe God asks for faithfulness in the small, because that is where radical begins.

2. Blessings of Singleness #5: Lack of Physical Intimacy

He doesn’t promise to give me everything I need to never be hungry.  He promises to give me everything I need to not starve to death on the road home to Him.

3. 5 reasons you may not feel loved by God

We go to God, expecting to feel like He’s our Father, right after we just got done telling Him what a terrible job He did in creating us.

4. Same world it always was

The world ain’t coming to nothin’.  It’s the same as it ever was. It’s a place filled with people whose every intention is only evil continually.  It’s in need of a Savior.

5. Prayers for a bride

I pray that as she walk down the aisle she will take a moment to be distracted from her sweet fiance and think about her eternal bridegroom.  I pray her mind will wander for a minute to that day when Christ’s bride will walk a very different aisle one day.

6. Certainty

People these days call me to settle for doubt.  They tell me that certainty is impossible and dishonoring to God somehow; as if it’s doubt that makes faith real.  But I think God is honored by my hunger for certainty.

7. Masturbation and work

I exchange the truth of God for a lie. I make excuses for giving my body over to workaholism and neuroticism and call it “caring about my job.” I disown God’s blessed gospel, which says Christ has already accomplished everything on my behalf, and I have nothing more to earn. I silence that still small voice Who tells me, “One more login will not satisfy you. Only I can do that.”

8. 6 more reasons you may not feel loved by God

We all have days where God seems far; when it feels like He is not on His throne.  Our challenge is to make sure that these emotions don’t dictate what’s we believe is true about God.  He is real, and good and near, no matter how we feel.

9. March madness

This Easter Sunday, I stood among thousands of believers and begged God for the grace to respond to the truth that Jesus is alive.  And I’m His.

10. Why I’m glad I’m not in charge

In His wisdom, He called me to a different kind of refreshment tonight. The kind that comes from being used when you know you are useless.

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