Are Women Crazy? [6]

Let’s Recap…

In my head there are 3 types of people reading this blog. 1) those of you who want to fight the ‘crazy’ in your own heart. 2) those of you who are curious/frustrated/intrigued by the series. 3) those of you who read this thinking ‘i wish so-and-so would read this!’.

Before we go any further, here are the 5 things I’m praying will happen through the previous posts:

1. Become type #1.  On the list of potential readers above, my hope and prayer is that you are #1. There is no one who doesn’t have an area of their heart where they can stand to fight insecurity.  One of the sneakiest and easiest ways that Satan distracts us from fighting sin is by convincing us to focus on how truth applies to others before we seek the weight of conviction in our own hearts.

2. Believe that you can change.  Our culture says this is who we are:

Women are crazy.  Men are stupid.  That’s just who we are.  In Christ Jesus ,we are new creations.  Sin does not define us.  We are not destined to be ‘crazy’ because of our past or personality or hormones.  The Spirit is stronger than that.  Our disbelief in our ability to change isn’t a lack of faith in self, but a lack of faith in God.

3. Stop laughing at sin. If I told you that last night I felt so lonely that I got in my car and drove around aimlessly crying and then ate a pint of ice cream you would probably laugh.  If I told you that last night I felt so lonely that I came home and watched porn for three hours, you probably wouldn’t be chuckling.  If we’re serious about engaging in this battle we have to begin to see that the root of our sin is unbelief.  Whether it plays out in watching pornography or eating ice cream, it is equally horrific before God.

4.  Start looking for symptoms. We talked through three different ways emotions can be signposts.  We can track positive emotionsnegative emotions or even our lack of emotions.  At this point, I’m not talking about figuring out if your emotions are ‘rational’ or not, just start watching them.   What makes you happy?  What makes you sad?  Where do you not feel emotions at all?

5. Seek the Root. As you look at the things that make you frustrated or happy or apathetic, try to identify if there is a common thread. Insecurity is when we place our worth or value in something other than Christ; something that is not secure.  The goal of watching our emotions is to track where we might be putting our security apart from Him.

In the next couple of posts I’m going to try to use my heart as a case study for how we can begin to fight our insecurity…stay tuned!

ps. hope you like the new layout!

One thought on “Are Women Crazy? [6]

  1. first, love the new layout. second, i really don’t want to read this series but at the same time i really do.

    and all this makes me miss you!!!!

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