Because I can’t wait.


That’s basically how I feel about trying to do ministry stuff on my own.  I’m a fairly confident person, but something about doing this stuff alone makes you feel weird and unsure in ways I’m surprised I feel.

But this December has my heart all…renewed.  I am watching fruit come from things I wrote in dark days.  I’m sharing my Jesus; I’m sharing the curves of His face as He has revealed them to me and the soft and solid sound of His voice in the night; and the feel of His hand gripping mine. I made Advent to give that Jesus away.

And I’m impatient for more.  More and more I’m aware of the number of people who are trying to get through this life with theology or thoughts instead of the person of Jesus.  More and more I’m aware of the insufficiency of believing promises or trusting provision without a true delight in the person of Jesus and a deep trust in His personality. 

I don’t know if what I’m doing with the In Process Collective is the answer to any of those things, but I know that it’s what I can offer right now. I’ll share more about how I’m setting goals and how these things were born, but wanted to share.

You can check it out at 

Take a second to pray – like for real – and think if anyone comes to mind who Jesus might have something for through this stuff.

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