Blessings, not burdens

That’s my mantra this week: blessings not burdens.  Blessings not burdens.  

It’s a crazy time of year for us at Church.  Classes and programs kick off this week.  Yesterday I spent too much of my day making new to-do lists because I really deep down thought that it would feel less overwhelming if I could just put it all on paper.

You know what the worst part of busyness is? The worst part is the way big things get lost in the little things; the important gets confused with the urgent, and somehow your blessings become burdens.

Every semester, this week before things kick off is a battle for me.  It’s a battle for me to not long for December.  It’s a battle to not look forward to the end of the semester and day-dream about how wonderful it will be to not have the burden of preparing curriculum and teaching and developing women.

It’s a battle for me to remember that this is it.  This is the point.  This ministry isn’t something I get through so that I can rest.  I rest so that I can do this.  This is the point of my whole life: sharing the good news of our glorious savior.

I say that I want my life to be spent on a generation of women who are apathetic and distracted, but then I become apathetic and distracted.  God hands me that very opportunity and I spend my time wishing for something different; something more peaceful and less stressful, or at the very least, more romantic.

Sneaky Satan.

How does he manage to turn blessings into burdens?  How does he manage to convince us that our ministry, our kids, our spouses, our friends are burdens?  We know better.  They are the very things we prayed for and pursued.  The mission in front us is for many of us – the mission we wanted, and yet, now that we are here, we long for something…different.

Sneaky Satan.  He exploits our discontentment.  He exploits our laziness.  He takes our longing for comfort and control and a safe and warm life, and he uses those desires to lead us to wish for some mythical happy life where these ‘burdens’ are lifted.

God forbid we ever get that fleshly wish.  God forbid we wake up tomorrow without these ‘burdens’; God forbid we wake up tomorrow without the opportunity and obligation to share the great Gospel and run this race with every ounce of our strength.

Satan has convinced us that this life is filled with burdens.  He reminds us daily of the call to come and die; to pick up our Cross.  But he neglects to tell us the second half of the verse.  He conveniently omits the sweet promise that those who come and die do so in order that they might find life.  Pick up your Cross, Christian, ‘for whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.’ 

These next three months are not something to ‘get through’.  They are why I get through everything else.  Every woman I will speak with, every late night and early morning – surely these things are the greatest blessings of my life.

What a blessing this day is.  What a blessing every breath is to our souls set free.  Every time your kid interrupts you, every conversation in the line that is too long at the grocery store, every obligation to hug a hurting friend: these things are not secondary.  They are the point.

Blessings, not burdens.


4 thoughts on “Blessings, not burdens

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I shared this with my team in ministry yesterday afternoon as well, because it’s that time of year when the blessings often seem like burdens for us. Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. I posted a comment and you chose to delete it and it may be that a message from God was to show you a deception in your life and I think you edited out the word Sabbath from your is very important to know that there is but one day the Lord God made Holy.
    Search the Scriptures and find where is it that Jesus says keep the 1st day of the week and no longer the 7th day . perhaps you and your lady bloggers can do it as a study group and prove all things.Remember the Sabbath day and to keep it holy and today is the Sabbath day , lest you forget.Satan is sneaky but God keeps his people in the Truth and they accept the light given them.You must think in terms of just how many tricks have Satan played on the Human race before you were even born and what is the results today ? I want to set you free from this lie. a Blessing to you young Lady .

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