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Alright guys.

We’re getting close to the start of a New Year, so I’ll tell you a couple of things I know to help if you’re a resolution-y sort of person:

1. There is only one thing that is necessary.

2. Time with Jesus matters more than most resolutions on your list.

3. Discipline is not legalism

In light of those three things, here’s my suggestion for your New Year: commit to fighting for time in the Word.

I blogged a while back about a Spiritual Bootcamp my friend designed for me.  It was nothing new or groundbreaking.  It was just a commitment to spend one month drenching myself in means of grace God has given to me; carving out time to work on my relationship with Him.Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 3.55.45 PM

I was honestly shocked at how much it changed everything for me. (#gamechanger #forreal).

Here’s the deal: now is the time.  There is this constant lie that there is coming a time or a season in your life where intimacy with God will be easier. Once your kids are in school, once you are settled, once your job slows down. Don’t believe the lie: today is the day.  Now is the time.

No more excuses.  Intimacy doesn’t happen accidentally. It takes intentionality. It takes discipline. It takes carving out time to listen and speak and learn the person you love. Intimacy with God works the same way.

I know it’s hard to do this alone, so if you want prayer, help or resources along the way, I would love to help.

Fill out this a simple form and I’ll send you some fun additional resource from me (up first: an easy reference guide to Bootcamp and a series of bookmarks you can keep in your bible to help you know what to do).

10 thoughts on “Spiritual Bootcamp Resources

  1. I love this! I’ve been on a plan, and I find it easier to add time when I have structured time set aside for relationship building with God. I see it like having a close friend, if you have regularly scheduled time with someone, it’s much easier to reach out during those times you truly need their support because you’ve already spent that time developing a relationship of love and trust. The same is true here, I believe.

    Not to mention it makes “planking” a lot easier. You know, where you’ve been looking at the splinter in your brother’s eye and in the middle of closing prayer with your kids on a lesson in tolerance, you bust out laughing because it’s almost like God yelled “PLANK” in the middle of thanking Him for the lesson. Yeah, that totally just happened this morning. Do you know how much fun it is to explain to two teen boys why your prayer was so funny? “Yes, boys, your mom has been acting like a hypocrite. God just gave her a gentle reminder. See, we ALL have things to work on!”

    I’m looking forward to continued growth and I’ll gladly take all the help I can get! <3

  2. YESSSS! Was already thinking about commiting to this at the beginning of the year after finishing my advent journal (got a few days behind) so this just seals it. I tend to come up with about 54 New Years resolutions every year but this year I just want to fight for time in he Word, time with Jesus. Everything else can wait. Thanks for doing this, Fabs.

  3. I’ve just signed-up for your online classes/tutorials for Spiritual Bootcamp and want to participate. However, this space isn’t large enough to list the reasons why I don’t think I’ll be successful, not the least of which is…..although I KNOW that Jesus is calling me into an intimate, real, true relationship with Him, I’ve been dragging my feet for years and, if I’m honest, I just don’t believe that He’s all I need or that He’s truly FOR me and not against me. My head knows it but my heart doesn’t believe it. So with trepidation and a very reluctant heart (sadly), I am going to attempt the Bootcamp. Thank you for your faithfulness to His call on your life.

    1. Martha! Successful in the Kingdom of God is a very different thing. The fact that you’re fighting, and you’re attempting to do the bootcamp is SO pleasing to Jesus. It shows that something deeper than your head and your heart DOES believe Him. Otherwise you wouldn’t be doing this. Praying for you.

  4. I’ve just stumbled across your blog tonight and I am so THANKFUL! I have found lately that every time I go to have my personal time with God, I get so caught up on where to start and what to do during this devotional, personal time with Him that I end up praying for a couple of minutes, opening my bible, closing my bible and giving up.
    It’s been really bugging me because I’ve felt so stagnant, I’ve ended up praying lately “God, just show me where to start, show me a way that’s just going to fit” and then I stumble across this and LOVE the sound of it and just know it’s what I need to grow my relationship with God.

    I’m so looking forward to this and planning on blogging my journey! I’m a single mum with a 2 year old and have terrible time management skills, please pray that God gives me the strength, determination and perseverance to do this!

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