Are women crazy? Listen here!

Happy Wednesday to you all.

With Sunday’s meltdown firmly behind me I’ve jumped into this week with both feet.  Hardly any meltdowns since then. 🙂 

In case you missed me on the radio a couple of weeks back, here’s the audio from the show.

We walk through some topics that are very near and dear to my heart.  There are lots of thoughts on emotions and craziness and all that fun stuff.

Enjoy!  And don’t forget to let me know what you think!


Thanks for sticking with me through the ‘Are Women Crazy‘ series and thanks for those of you who sent me questions!  I loved getting to answer those!

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Fighting the ‘Crazy’

Alright, it’s time to wrap the ‘Are Women Crazy’ series up with some tips for fighting.

1. Spot the signs. Keep a careful eye on your emotions and let them lead you to those things you are trusting.  Emotions don’t tell us what’s true, but the do testify to what we trust.  Hunt down those sources of insecurity in your life.

2. Don’t feed your insecurity.  In the moments when your emotions flare up, those around you (and even you) are going to be tempted to do whatever it takes to make the drama go away.

‘Crazy’ hurts.

[This blog is part of the ‘Are Women Crazy’ series.  Get all caught up here!]

At this point in our exploration of ‘crazy-land’ I think it’s time to make an important distinction.  Extreme responses to extreme circumstances aren’t crazy, they’re proportional.  Life is hard and real tragedy comes whether we’re ready or not.  When the bad news comes, we’re not playing in the emotional sandbox when we react accordingly.

When I have a meltdown at a funeral I don’t generally stop and coach myself through insecurity.  Why?  Because it’s a proportional response.

The Proportional Response:

The Danger of the Sandbox

[This blog is part of the ‘Are Women Crazy’ series.  Get all caught up here!]

The Emotional Sandbox is a dangerous place to hang out.  Our emotions can distort our view of reality, causing us to re-write our circumstance based on how we feel.  Instead of our emotions flowing out of reality, we re-create what’s ‘real’ based on how we feel.

We redefine our 'reality' based on our emotions.
We redefine our 'reality' based on our emotions.

We feel wronged by someone, so in our minds, we were wronged.  We ascribe motives to other people based on how we feel.  I’ve watched myself do this with positive emotions and negative emotions and even my lack of emotions: