Denying Self vs. Self Care

I ended 2020 with Long Covid, a Staph infection on my face (that’s right ladies and gentlemen), and a concussion.  (A window fell on my head.  That’s not a metaphor.  That’s classic 2020.)

What this means is that I started 2021 with extreme fatigue, constant headaches, random fevers, and an attitude that it would be benevolent to label ‘irritable.’

I started the year living in the studio behind my sister’s house.  Seemed the perfect way to be cared for: they cooked me meals, gave me space, did my laundry.  The one unforeseen complication is that I’m sort of obsessed with my nieces (aged 4 &1).  It’s hard to prioritize laying in bed when a glorious little red-head asks you if you will come to her tea party and another glorious little red-head squeals when you accept the invitation.

Emotions in a time of Coronavirus.

Well, sh*t seems to be getting real out there.

There’s nothing like slowing down to make you aware of all the feelings.   Many of us can feel them creeping up: a sense of grief for past losses, anxiety, loneliness, disappointment with areas of your life.  Maybe you’re feeling feelings sourced in this situation, and/or maybe this situation is revealing feelings you already had; all the feelings you’ve been trying to outrun

Here are few things to keep in mind as you navigate emotions in a time of Coronavirus:

Spot the Symptoms