A prayer for my pal

[Happy birthday to my sweet Hosea.  This little kiddo probably already has more words prayed over him than most people in the world, and I trust that must mean that God has glorious plans for him.  Please join me in praying for Hosea on his third birthday.]


Thank you for the fearful and wonderful crafting of the soul of Hosea.  Thank you that all the days of his life were written before one of them came to be.  

Will you send your Spirit into him even now?  Own his heart for your inheritance. Will you take this prayer for him and make it more than words? Make it real and tangible evidence of your power and grace.

toddlers and trash

Let me paint a little picture for you.

I’m sitting outside at a coffee shop/bar.  It’s one of those perfect Austin days (as long as you can hold your breath so that the allergies don’t silently destroy you).

A man just propped open the patio door with his body, making room for a chunky toddler to waddle out.   I’m not good with ages, but i’m guessing this little chubster was around 2.

6 more reasons you may not feel loved by God

The puritans tell us that there are things we do that can sabotage our ability to experience God like a good Father.

In the last post I shared 5 obstacles that limit our ability to taste His love.  Here are another 6:

God's love

Obstacle #6: Keeping Satan’s counsel

Most days I forget about Satan. I forget that he’s real and whispering to me day in and day out and fueling the fire of doubt that God is not the Father He claims to be.

5 reasons you may not feel loved by God

At C.J. Mahaney’s session at TGC  he encouraged those of us who find ourselves doubting the love of God to devote ourselves to studying the doctrine of Adoption.

I thought to myself: yup! Pretty sure it wouldn’t hurt me to be more certain of God’s love.  So, the day I got back from the Conference I flipped open A Puritan Theology to the chapter on adoption.loved

I like those crazy puritans. I like the way they talk about God with reverence and awe, and passion and urgency.  Their encouragement to me and to you is this: