Consider Jesus

For the hurting, for the suffering, for those in pain today: consider Jesus.

Consider Him who was by His nature exempt from all suffering, who entered into flesh and pain and death so that He could look at you today and say ‘I know.’  Consider Him who had access to any means of deliverance, (which you and I would gladly take in our pain), and yet He walked steadily into a pain beyond any we will ever experience.  Consider your great High priest who has born your sorrows.

For the failures and the flawed, for those who feel the burden and weight of shame today: consider Jesus.

Go to God

Loving this:

Christ suffered the blind man to be most importunate and unceasing in his cries to him, Luke 18:38, 39.  He continued crying, “Jesus, thou Son of David, have mercy on me.”

Others who were present rebuked him, that he should hold his peace, looking upon it as too great a boldness and an indecent behavior towards Christ, thus to cry after him as he passed by. But Christ did not rebuke him, but stood and commanded him to be brought unto him, saying, “What wilt thou that I should do to thee?”

Jesus is better

This is one of those moments when I feel like I have too much faith for just me.

I’m sitting outside in a cafe in Sweden.

It’s cold here today, overcast, and I have a blanket wrapped around me (cause they do that here – give you blankets. sigh. hugs to Sweden.)

All I know is that Jesus is better.

It’s ringing in my head. And it’s making me cry like an idiot and I don’t even

Because no one could be found to open it: the scroll. No one but Jesus.

The ‘SH’ word

[This is part of a series of sorts on topics that I am scared of because I think they are confusing and hard and complicated.]

I think we’re in danger of oversimplifying the ‘shame’ conversation.

Let me tell you my personal bent on this topic: I hate shame.

I cried when my church wanted to make me a deacon.  I explained to my friends that it was too much; too much pressure and too many people expecting me to be someone that I cannot be.  One of them asked me:

Fabs, do you believe you are a disgusting sinner?


My 4th of July got off to a bumpy start with an early screening of Dirty Wars this AM.

Gosh.  That movie will transform your shouts of “GO ‘Merica!’ into a mumbling mess of disappointment with our government.

I left feeling sort of sad and confused and longing for the sweet naivety of blind faith in the ‘greatness’ of America.merica_american_pride_slang_usa_flag_hand_towel-r6a6f6ad9742a498bb04cf00ff979f02a_2cf11_8byvr_512

But I think this sad, confused, longing is good for me.  It’s good for me to remember a couple of things today:

1. There is no country in this world that is good and right and true.