Women: Redeem Emotions

So this is the fourth sin tendency of women and the last I’m going to walk through…unless… you guys tell me some more to process through!

4. The Sin of Over Emotionalism

Crying right now as I write this.  Just kidding.  Not that it would be wrong.  Crying is not wrong.  Okay.  I should start over.

Proverbs says that the heart is deceitful above all else, and that the Lord will ‘try the reins’ of our hearts.  So, I’m going to define over emotionalism as a heart without reigns.   The assumption of this verse is that with the knowledge that our hearts can be sneaky, you and I should not work for our hearts, our hearts should be guided by some sort of wisdom and reason in us.

Women: Redeem Persuasion

So far we’ve covered passive interaction, insecurity & covetousness and now….

3. The Sin of Manipulation

Sigh.  This sin should just start with one fat sigh.

Manipulation is when you want something and there are circumstances or people between you and what you want.  You don’t want to directly disobey God or the people who’ve told you no, so, you ‘manipulate’.  Instead of waiting for God, you find a way to work your way around the obstacles to get for yourself what you want.

Women: Redeem your desires

My thoughts on the sin tendencies of women continues…

2. The Sin of Covetousness.

Of all the things I see in the evil recesses of my heart, the root of covetousness often seems to run the deepest.  This is the part of a woman that feels a deep insecurity that is concealed with vain gossip or comparison or indulged with self-pity and bitterness.

This is the part of the woman that cannot find contentment until something about their circumstances shifts.  They have a hard time celebrating with those who are experiencing a joy they lack, and they can’t enjoy what they have because they are too busy looking at the blessings others receive.

Women: Redeem Passivity

So, in case you missed the memo, over the next couple of days I’m going to walk through a couple of sin tendencies I think we women struggle with.  Let’s get started…

1. The Sin of Passive Interaction.

Recently, I’ve been processing with a dear friend of mine about the value of relational trust.  A relationally trustworthy person is one who can communicate clearly, speak encouragement and truth in love.  A relationally trustworthy person is one who deals with conflict in a direct, graceful and sincere way.  They state expectations clearly and receive correction humbly.

What do women have to do with biblical manhood?

Great sermon Sunday at the Austin Stone.  If you haven’t heard it, I recommend going here.  Loved hearing Matt challenge men and love the elevation of biblical manhood that’s happening in our body.

Coming out of the sermon, I weirdly had women on my mind.  We have so many great and amazing women in our body, but whenever I hear Matt bring the heat on men, it is so crazy how I find myself and other women responding.  I feel the self-righteous ‘you get ’em Matt’ in my heart, and I hear the same thing in surround sound from the women around me. I hear complaints about how ‘immature’ the men around us are, and I hear claims that our sins and our issues would be fixed if men would just be men, and I hate that.  Cause I’m pretty sure that the root of my sin is in my heart not in circumstance.