Satisfied: beware of using God.

[This is the last post in the Satisfied series]

There are two thoughts I want to leave you with as I wrap up this series.

God is glorified by being the fulfillment of your desires.

Last week was a rough one. I woke up on my sabbath feeling tired and drained and close to empty.  I felt a little bit weird because I was craving the Word and time with Jesus because I wanted to feel better.

Satisfied: be known.

[The blog post is part of a series based on a course called Satisfed]

Here’s what I wrote in my journal today:

I feel a twinge of sorrow today…Sorrow that no one can climb into my soul and make me feel known, which is all I really want…I feel my soul drifting into places that I cannot navigate and I crave the solid ground of deep conversation and knowing eyes.

I’ve felt that way a lot this past year.

Satisfied: get glory (part 2).

[The blog post is part of a series based on a course called Satisfed]

Yesterday I said that if you want to be satisfied in God you have to (a) stop finding your approval through one another and (b) seek the glory that comes from the only God.

I didn’t make that up.  Jesus says that in the book of John.  Which is confusing to me because I’m pretty sure that I can open the Bible to any random page and find something that sounds like this:

My Glory I will not share with another, (Isaiah 42:8)

Satisfied: want glory (part 1).

[The blog post is part of a series based on a course called Satisfed]

If you’re like me, not a day goes by in which you don’t sense the deep desire for glory inside your soul.  I want to be seen as valuable. I want to be honored and exalted; I want to be wrapped in approval.

Here’s a super controversial thought: I don’t think that’s bad.

I’ve searched from top to bottom, but the Bible doesn’t seem to speak of my desire for glory as evil.

Satisfied: be okay.

One night a couple of months ago I found myself treading anxiety like water in my head, paddling my thoughts round and round.

I was planning conversations in my head to try to calm my heart. I do that for the same reason that I get frustrated when traffic is backed up; for the same reason that I try to anticipate all the scenarios that could go wrong in relationships, work or life.

everything will be all right