You’re not my real mom.

I have a friend who is working through the incredibly glorious and painful process of caring for a newly adopted daughter.

On the good days, she would tell you about the unspeakable joy that comes when the barriers of blood and DNA dissolve in the baptism of true family that comes through love.  On the hard days, she has to endure the incredibly violating pain of watching this little human look at her and reject her love as insufficient because of that DNA.  The oceans this mom has crossed, the scars she bears that declare her love and evidence her intention – all are dismissed as inadequate.

In which a single woman talks about sex (eek)

Guys, my pulse is racing as I type this.  I am literally afraid to write the word sex.

No one talks to single women about sex.  Maybe they’re scared that just saying the word ‘sex’ will cause singles everywhere to descend into a world of corruption? Or maybe it’s not just single women.  Maybe none of us are talking about sex.

It just feels like we’re not supposed to say that word.  Especially if we’re christian.  And single.  And women.  (so I’m like a triple threat).

I don’t know.  Here’s what I do know:

Hugs can’t save

I would like a hug, please.

I am open to receiving said hug from one of three people: (1) Jesus (2) my dad (3) my husband.

Bad news for me: short of the return of Christ, I’m not gonna get a physical hug from any one of those three people today.

Good news for you: I will use myself as a case study on how to fight discontentment!jcisbetter

Longing for something is not automatically bad.  Discontentment is what happens when that longing is so great that I begin to doubt the truth and turn to a savior other than Christ.

Two things I’m praying for marriage/singleness

Yesterday I processed why we should want marriage or singleness at all.

Today I thought I’d share some of the implications of those thoughts on my prayer life.  I spent some good time yesterday praying for:

(1) An undivided heart in singleness and an obsession to:

Display the spiritual nature of God’s family that grows from regeneration and faith, not procreation and sexScreen Shot 2013-05-20 at 6.41.55 PM

Father, I pray that you would help me not to waste this season of singleness.  Let me invest in those around me with as much vigor as mother invests in her children: with passion, prayer and love for those who are your lost sheep.

Angst & Elliot

I’m feeling angsty today.

It might be that I’m listening to Patty Griffin.

It might be that I just finished re-reading Elisabeth Elliot’s Passion and Purity.

It might be that I’m in an airplane thousands of feet above the earth.Jim-ElisabethWedding

Traveling always does a little something to my insides. It’s like it gives me room to step out of my life for just a moment and view it from an entirely different angle, and I love the reflection, I love the angst and consideration of it all.