For those who like listening

Several of you guys have asked for more info on the radio broadcast from last Saturday.  If you missed the live version, you can catch up on the audio here.

The broadcast walks through my singleness sufferings series.  We focused on the hard things about singleness, which I believe are also the greatest blessings.  We talked through:

1. Loneliness

2. The Pain of Freedom

3. Losing Control

4. The Pain of Rejection

5. Lack of Physical Intimacy

6. The Pain of Misplaced Shame

7. The Pain of Losing Dreams

Encouragement #5: Maranatha

Well, merry Christmas to everyone and a happy new year.  I have one final encouragement coming your way to wrap this little series up and then it’s time to get this New Year started with a new series that I’m excited about!

I haven’t suffered much.  Some of you reading this have walked through places and times that my heart and flesh shudder to imagine.  I know that.  I know that in the big scheme of things the details of my day seem trivial.  I also know that when you’re caught inside fear or insecurity or rejection or abandonment or pain it can sometimes feel like it is the only thing that is real.  The people and world around you can become a blurry backdrop to your story rather than individuals with real stories of their own.

Encouragement #4: Our God is Creator

Meet Toby Zeegler/Stanley*:

He always looks this sad. Promise I’m not abusing him.
This is how he responds to a walk

Yes, ladies and gentleman, despite all my commitment issues and selfish tendencies, I have thought it best for my sanctification to invite this little guy to depend on me and eat my stuff and pee on my rug.

So far I have learned that I am even more selfish than I thought.  I have also learned that my love is very conditional.  When puppy is good I love him.  When he looks sweet I love him.  When puppy barks I want to destroy him.  When puppy is destructive I want to beat him.  (Don’t fear dog lovers, I will do neither).

Encouragement #3: God is for Himself

Tonight I am so thankful for a God who is out for His glory above all.  It sounds weird, but this is probably one of the greatest encouragements we have in the face of suffering.

God is for Himself.  What I mean by that is that God’s primary purpose in creating this whole crazy world is to display His character clearly.  This is uppermost in His motivations.  All His other designs are subordinate (or lesser), even His plan to save you and I.  His number one priority is that His true character be lifted high.