Culture and Adoption project

I’m thrilled to share with you guys a little something I’ve been working on! Ā Read about the Culture and Adoption project below, and share with your pals šŸ™‚Ā 

Together for AdoptionĀ is thrilled to be launching the Culture and Adoption Project (CAP), offering free resources, training, as well as 4 free coaching/counseling sessions for families who want help navigating cultural obstacles in Foster Care & Adoption!

Culture is an integral part of our identity formation, impacting the way we relate to ourselves, others and the world around us.Ā  Fostered or adopted children are required to cross cultures ā€“ even if itā€™s just moving across the street! Ā They face tremendous opportunities and they also face tremendous challenges likeĀ identity confusion, acculturative stress, or cultural bereavement.Ā 

Lent 21: are you getting the support you need?

I’m learning a lot about social support right now and how much it impacts your life. Ā (Warning: as I prep for finals, I’m guessing a lot of these lent blogs are going to be related to what I’m learning).

It’s made me think a lot about the various support I receive/perceive from friends, church and God, so I thought I’d share.

Psychologists tend to think of social support as offering four different things:

  1. Instrumental support (providing the necessities of life): these are theĀ people who organizeĀ the mealĀ train and offer to babysit.

The gift of lost luxury

I donā€™t know what to share on this blog these days.

IĀ  donā€™t have a ton of time right now. Two jobs.Ā  A pilot study.Ā  An internship. Full time school.Ā  Writing is just having to take a back seat for a season. Iā€™ve assumed, thatā€™s why these pages have stayed relatively empty, but, if Iā€™m honest – thereā€™s another problem: I donā€™t know what to say anymore.

There is a luxury I have lost. It is the luxury of sharing opinions publicly that never threaten your closest community because they all agree with you.Ā 

Some new year new resources

I love new years. Ā Not New Years Eve or Day, but the concept of a new year. Ā I think it’s because it feels like an ebeneezer: a mark in the ground to say – we have made it another year. Ā And I’m also a big fan of looking backwards and considering, thanking, learning from our failures and celebrating our gifts.

Each year I spend some time answering questions that help me think through the year gone by and dream for the year ahead. Ā This year, I built out some worksheets that help me consider my goals in light of my values (and incorporate some of what I’m learning about right now in school!)

4 ways to be there for friends who are hurting

When I was in college I got a phone call in the middle of the night from one of my besties. Ā She was crying soĀ hard it took me a few full minutes to untangle herĀ words and realizeĀ that her mother had died suddenly of a Brain Aneurism.

I remember in theĀ season that followed learning the incredible pain of caring for the grieving. Ā I remember the horrible feelings of being out of control, of watching someone you love hurt. Ā I remember thinking, perhaps naively, let me take this pain from her.Ā