Easter Thursday Prayer Night

As Easter draws near, I want to try something I’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

The Thursday before Easter is always one of my favorite days with Jesus. He’s taught me so much about intimacy, and purpose and the deep love He has for me through meditating on His Thursday night all those years ago. And I want to share that experience with others.

So, if you’re in or around Austin and want to get together with me and a few friends while we do a night of prayer, connecting with Jesus through His night in the garden, then join us!

Birthday lessons

It’s a fairly normal birthday activity for me: reflecting.  I think about what I’ve learned this past year, or about what I have watched God do.  Sometimes the thing I’ve learned is new information, and sometimes it’s old information that’s worked its way under the skin in a new way.

This year, it’s nothing new.  I don’t know when it happened. I don’t know if it was this past year or the past ten, but I do know – that as I woke on my birthday this year, and looked down at myself, it was with some surprise  – and no surprise at all – that I noticed that I have learned to like myself.

words are hard.

Well, gosh.

It’s been a minute guys. It’s hard to explain why I haven’t posted in a bit.

It’s partially because life is full of things that take the time. It’s partially because many of my thoughts are getting dumped on Instagram these days. (Check out @inprocesscollective to stay up to date).

If I’m honest, it’s maybe mostly because there are new obstacles to writing words on this platform. I start posts often, but they remain unpublished. Putting words out into the world is a risky business. Minds change and grow and words you once wrote become obsolete.

Oh my, Beth. (and save the date: June 4)

Oh my. Beth Moore.

Whatever water she is drinking these days – (which I think is called what-happens-to-a-woman-when-she-no-longer-fears-man) – I want to get my hands on some.

If you missed it, Beth wrote a powerful letter to our brothers in the church.  Sometimes, when the church sees a movement like “me-too” sweeping the nation, they ignore it.  Sometimes they get together in a room and talk about how to care for the women in their particular body.  Sometimes they set up spaces for women to process and work through their questions and feelings about the movement.

Organizing your 2018.

Well, I made a few things: (1) a planner (2) a desk cal and (3) a task tracker (to-do list) weekly spread.

Seriously though.

I keep asking myself- why did I make these things?? Is it a waste of money? Time? But the truth is – I really think that basic things – (scheduling out tasks on days instead of looking at one giant to do list, thinking about how you spend your time, tracking habits) – can move you towards being the person you’re made to be.