Well, welcome to Lent.

I am not a Lent person.  I grew up in an Atheist/Catholic hybrid home, so I have fond (NOT) memories of Lent being the time where I was supposed to prove I belonged to the Catholic side by being forced to give up something good and I never really understood why.  As a result, I still don’t like it.  I have residual feelings of Lent being about reluctant (dragged-kicking-and-screaming) ‘sacrifice’. If you weren’t reluctant, it was because you were an angel-child and it made you a hero.  If you were reluctant, you were selfish.

So, sometimes, that’s how judgey-me feels about Lent.

A break for me

Hi friends!

 This is going to be my last post for awhile!

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time (even for a day) you know it’s been a messy, bumpy ride.

I’ve wrestled with sin and scripture and repentance and faith with all of you for a long time and it’s time to have a season where He & I get to do that without posted words or published posts.  I think seasons away from ministry are good for all of us, and I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to take a break and rest in Him while surrounded by my amazing community.

Trust Me


On Wednesday night I had the great privilege of sitting in a room with 300 men and women hungry to grow in their love for God.  If that isn’t joy enough, we got to sit under the teaching of Steve Timmis.

One thing about Steve Timmis is that he seems like a crazily well-rounded believer. He’s obviously a gifted missional leader, but He’s also a glorious theologian and, at the same time, a passionate pastor.  Neat-o.tree

He summarized the message of the Bible for us in two words: trust me.

Two reasons to reflect today

At the start of every new year, I pray through this list of questions, answering for the coming year and reflecting on this past one.  I’m a fan of reflection for two reasons:new year

1. Reflecting causes me to be more intentional moving forward.  Every single year when I am asked to identify the ‘biggest time-waster in my life’,  my response is the same: watching tv.

For FIVE YEARS I have known that TV is cannibalizing my life and yet – it still hasn’t changed.  Why?   Because knowing doesn’t equal change.  Identifying the problem is not the same as seeking a solution. The fruit of the Spirit is not ‘self-awareness’ it is ‘self-control’.

Anna’s day 7

I’m addicted to the song “A-team” by Ed Sheeran. Apparently he wrote it about a girl he met at a homeless shelter. They called her Angel. (Hence the double meaning in this gorgeous line: “It’s too cold outside for angels to fly,” which is so brilliant I wish I’d written it. But I’m not that good.)

My favorite line in the song is this one: “The worst things in life come free to us.” I’ve tried to pinpoint why the line gets me every time, why part of me
screams, “Yes! That’s so true!” and another part says, “No! It’s so false!”