Consider Jesus

For the hurting, for the suffering, for those in pain today: consider Jesus.

Consider Him who was by His nature exempt from all suffering, who entered into flesh and pain and death so that He could look at you today and say ‘I know.’  Consider Him who had access to any means of deliverance, (which you and I would gladly take in our pain), and yet He walked steadily into a pain beyond any we will ever experience.  Consider your great High priest who has born your sorrows.

For the failures and the flawed, for those who feel the burden and weight of shame today: consider Jesus.

Consider Him who became your failure so that you might become His success.  He knows your failure.  He knows it more intimately than you ever will because He has born every scrap of shame for it, endured every shred anger. He has tasted every drop of wrath.  Consider Him until you can hear the Father beckon you through the blood: “Come now, let us reason together, though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.”  Consider Him and believe. 

For the apathetic and indifferent, for those who have minds snagged on mundane matters: consider Jesus.

Consider Him who was beaten, cursed, crucified so that you might roll your eyes today and breathe another breath.  Consider Him who purchased the patience of the Father with His very blood.  Consider His suffering that your heart might be stirred to share in a higher calling. Bend your knee to the King who calls you to a mighty mission.

For the hardened and the hating, for those who cannot love those who have hurt them: consider Jesus.  

Consider Him who cried out in His final hours: forgive them for they know not what they do.  Our repentance did not earn His forgiveness.  His blood bought us the grace to repent.  Feel His forgiveness today so that you may forgive those who know not what they have done.

For the lonely and the longing, for those who feel forgotten: consider Jesus.

Consider Him who picked for you, who came for you, who fought Hell for you.  He sits even now, at the right hand of the Father with every muscle tensed, waiting for the Alpha and the Omega to utter the words our Jesus longs to hear even more than you do: it is time.  Go get your bride.  Know that you are wanted.  Consider Jesus as He hangs on the Cross and know that you have never been so wanted.

For the grieving and the weeping, for those watching the pain of others: consider Jesus.

Consider Him through the eyes of His Father.  Consider the pain of sending your Son to die.  Consider enduring a separation from your child that never had to be, all to purchase a people who hated you. Consider the love of the Father, embracing the pain of losing His most beloved Son to make room for orphan enemies.

For those whose hearts feel nothing today.  For those who cannot muster the worship they want to feel: consider Jesus.

Consider Him who lives even now to intercede for you.

He is pleading with the Father to fill your heart with the Spirit of wisdom and truth.  Raise your voice with His, let your cries mingle with the Son and the Spirit and beg our Father to move in your heart.  Join your Jesus in petitioning our great God, and do so with faith, appealing to the blood.

He who did not spare His own Son for you, will He not graciously give you all things?

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