Fabienne specializes in the following areas:

  • Emotional Development: helping women who experience struggles with specific recurring emotions (e.g. anxiety/anger/shame/grief/sadness/despair/hopelessness/apathy). I focus on uncovering the root cause of the recurring emotion, equipping women to steward emotions that feel overwhelming and providing resources/tools to help transform emotions to align more fully with the Gospel.
  • Ministry: I love working with women who are in ministry on any issues.
  • Personality & communication: for couples, individuals or communities wanting to learn how to work with their own or one another’s strengths and differences.* These sessions require participants take personality/strengths tests and then provide insight into (1) personality tendencies/strengths (2) communication/conflict patterns (3) sin tendencies/gospel solutions.
  • Short Term: Helping clients who are seeking short-term counseling to work through specific issues or who are interested in short-term diagnostics that can help them identify and transition to a longer term plan.
  • Shame Intensive: I also offers a shame intensive which includes three sessions working through shame accompanied by a 6- week individual workbook.

You can schedule a time to meet with me here! Live out of town?  No problem! We’ll connect via skype and it’ll be great 🙂

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