Dear Diary…

Eight years ago I became a Christian, and I thought you may enjoy my first journal entry written with a regenerate heart:

What a fool I’ve been.
God has been a comforter to me- a safety net- a possibility.
I have stayed awake wishing for a love so beautiful it would leave me speechless- how could I miss the love so beautiful it leaves me breathless?
I want to serve you.
I want to follow.
I want to live everyday to do you work.
I feel born again- I see more clearly than I knew was possible.
Glorious God.
Blessed be your name.

That’s neat.  I had so many dreams then.  Dreams to bring glory to God through acting, or marriage, or writing.  And here I am – 8 years later – and my life holds none of those dreams fulfilled, but I can’t find regret in my heart – just gratitude.  For a Father who has made a Covenant to protect me, even from my dreams; a Father who has given me new and greater dreams; the Father who has promised to keep me in Him and bring me into the sweetest joy possible – enjoyment of Him.

I’m really glad He delights in His glory and that He will act for His name sake.  That surely is the greatest gift and promise I have.

One thought on “Dear Diary…

  1. What a cool memory Fabs, thanks for sharing it! It’s so interesting how differently each of our paths are…mine was so different. I couldn’t tell you exactly what day it was (or even precisely the month), but I know the season and the year. But I didn’t realize how momentous the occasion was as you so obviously did. Thanks for sharing…Glad Daddy brought you home!

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