Don’t forget

Don’t forget today that there are bigger things happening here than what you see and taste and touch.

Don’t forget that there is a war raging around you, and eternity hangs in the balance. If you had eyes to see the world as it really is you would things very differently.  You would see people enslaved and being led to their slaughter by the prince of the power of the air and you would see the very real power to fight back the darkness tucked inside the frail hands of the children of God.

Don’t forget that you have a very real enemy.  You fight in a war – not against flesh and blood but against rulers, authorities, against cosmic powers against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

Don’t forget that God’s Word wasn’t written to be stitched on samplers, but to be swung as a sword; and our enemy is obsessively relentless in his attempts to cut you off  from that weapon; knocking it out of your hand and ensuring you will not reach for it again.

Don’t forget that his tactics are subtle and insidious.  He poisons you by apathy and sleepiness and indifference, choosing to conceal from you the battle, convincing you that nothing important is happening around you.  He seduces you into impotence by stuffing you full of the sweet gifts of the world.  He keeps you fixed on your own temporal trials blinding you to the eternal significance of each breath.  He puts in your hands the wrong weapon, and urges you to keep you swinging our plastic sword – a sword of white knuckles and self-help mantras.  He knows that there is no power to defeat him except in the promises of our Father wielded by faith in the hands of His elect.

Don’t forget you serve a King who is mighty and sovereign and who will win, but whose victory will be accomplished through His mighty warriors.  Don’t forget that this is the time to fight, not to slumber.  Don’t forget that the days of celebrating and enjoying will last longer then your mind is capable of comprehending and that the pleasures that await you are cannot be touched by the pleasures of this world – so this is not the time for stealing joy like orphans, but for running hard and fast like warrior princes.

Don’t forget that the trials of this life are not worth comparing to the joy that is to be revealed to the sons of God.

Don’t forget that all of that this life is but a breath.  Exploit every second for the cause of that great King because of the joy set before you – the joy of  knowing that you have honored Him well.  Don’t forget that now is the time for reckless running because there is coming a day when you will see Him in all His glory and when you do, you will long for one more crown to lay at his feet.

Don’t forget.

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