Easter Thursday Prayer Night

As Easter draws near, I want to try something I’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

The Thursday before Easter is always one of my favorite days with Jesus. He’s taught me so much about intimacy, and purpose and the deep love He has for me through meditating on His Thursday night all those years ago. And I want to share that experience with others.

So, if you’re in or around Austin and want to get together with me and a few friends while we do a night of prayer, connecting with Jesus through His night in the garden, then join us!

If you’re not in Austin, I’m thinking of putting together an audio version you can do on your own with Jesus wherever you are, so let me know in the comments or on the RSVP link if you’re into that.

You can let me know you’re intrigued/interested in remote or IRL version at this link.

Happy Eastering my friends.

One thought on “Easter Thursday Prayer Night

  1. Yes, an audio version would be lovely. I would drive an hour to get there, but a 10-hour drive is too much for the current scheduling challenges.

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