Feeling ordinary

Jeremiah Burroughs says this:

“A Christian values every service of God so much that, though some may be in the eyes of the world and of natural reason a slight and empty business, beggarly emoluments, or foolishness, yet since God calls for it, the authority of the command so overawes his heart that he is willing to spend himself and to be spent in discharging it.

It is an expression of Luther’s that ordinary works, done in faith and from faith, are more precious than heaven and earth.”

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Let me translate:

There are some ‘callings’ that the world things are lesser: empty or foolish.  Changing diapers doesn’t always feel significant.  Balancing a budget rarely feels like eternal Kingdom work.

But there are two reasons we set our hands and our hearts to them:

(1) We trust our King.

We value a task because our Lord tells us to do it.  We spend ourselves on it, not because we always see the purpose, but because we trust Him.

(2) We want the joy of true obedience.

Our hearts are tested by our faithfulness in the seemingly ’empty duties’.  The way we engage with those will tell us who we truly are.

“It is more obedient to submit to God in a low calling, than to submit to him in a higher calling; for it is sheer obedience, mere obedience, that makes you go on in a low calling, but there may be much self-love that takes men go on in higher calling, for there is credit and accounting in the world and rewards come in by that, which they do not in the other.”

Whatever your hand finds to do today I pray you meet it as one charged with that task by the King of this Universe with eternal and precious purpose.

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