First Ten Days of Advent

Boy oh boy.  I don’t think I did the math right.  It turns out, a daily Advent devotional means that I have to send an Advent Devotional every single day!  Who knew??

Jk jk.

I had hoped to have all this written long ago, but honestly – I have been floored by the kindness of God.  He has met me each morning with the daily bread for that day.  The last Advent devotional I wrote was a LABOR of love.  It really felt like giving birth.  Maybe, because this is a second child – it is just coming a lot easier?  Or maybe Jesus is just being kind.

Either way, as I hit send on each day, I can’t help but find myself falling more and more in love with this Jesus of ours.

Here are the first ten days if you want to catch up, and you can sign up to get the rest of the month in your inbox here.

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