For those who like listening

Several of you guys have asked for more info on the radio broadcast from last Saturday.  If you missed the live version, you can catch up on the audio here.

The broadcast walks through my singleness sufferings series.  We focused on the hard things about singleness, which I believe are also the greatest blessings.  We talked through:

1. Loneliness

2. The Pain of Freedom

3. Losing Control

4. The Pain of Rejection

5. Lack of Physical Intimacy

6. The Pain of Misplaced Shame

7. The Pain of Losing Dreams

You can listen to it here.  Hope it’s helpful!



4 thoughts on “For those who like listening

  1. Hi Fabs, I just listened to the radio broadcast of this. Excellent. Thank you for allowing God to use you to encourage us single people, but at the same time, to give us a good kick in the pants. Could you please share which John Piper sermon you were listening to about suffering, that inspired you to write? Thanks! P.S. Here’s some reading you may be interested in (there’s also an audio version, which is great) Carolyn McCulley spoke at the True Woman 2008 conference in Chicago.

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