For us


If God is for us, who can be against us?

I know. I know. Surely, I’ve posted enough on this verse.

I just can’t get over it you see.

Don’t let those words gloss over you this morning.  Stop.  Pray right now and ask God to make them mean something to you.  Ask His Spirit to enliven your heart to be overwhelmed by that reality.for you

God is for us.  If we are in Christ He is really and truly for us.  Nothing that happens to you today is happening because He’s mad at you.  There is no anger left.  He is for you.  He’s on your side.

And because of that – no one can be against you.  Even those who intend to be against you will end up being for you.  Just like Joseph’s brothers, selling him into slavery in Genesis, satan, your enemies, whatever comes your way – it is for you. It will never be against you again.

If God is for us who can be against us.

I don’t know what drew you to this page today, but I know behind it is a sovereign and gracious God longing for you to take just a moment and sit in the glorious purchase of the Cross: your God is for you.  He is on your side.  I know that sometimes it may not look that way.  I know there are days when you might not feel that, but Christian, grasp at whatever faith there is in your heart right now: God is for you and therefore nothing and no one can be against you.  He will make every effort intended to set you back bring you forward.  Every weapon fired your way will turn out for your good.

Because God is on your side.

You know how I know that?  The Cross.  He gave you Jesus.  Do you really doubt that He’ll withhold from you?  Hasn’t He proved He holds nothing back from His kids?  Not even His Son.

Single, you are alone today because God is for you.  Barren wife, you are without child today because God is for you.  Wounded widow, grieving mother, abandoned child, forsaken wife know this: loss is in your life because God is for you.

And while that may taste bitter and hard, it is the sweetest truth in all the world.

Don’t let Satan distract you with a false and temporal offer of comfort.  There is no comfort to be found in thinking that anyone but God has power in your life.

Today will bring with it lies and deceit, attempts to derail and untold obstacles.  And with this promise, each obstacle becomes an opportunity; a chance to display to the word that you believe the truth that if God is for you, no one and nothing can prevail against you.

If you are in Christ, shut your eyes.  Right now.  Fix your gaze on the cross and hear the voice of God speaking clearly into your soul: I am for you.

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