Four people I’m praying for today

I think mother’s day is a GREAT idea.  

I have a mother.  She’s the best. I know lots of mothers, and I want to celebrate them like CRAZY today.

But, today, I can’t stop thinking about all the women out there who might be feeling a unique isolation today.

To them I want to say: someone out there is praying for you.sad

I’m sure I missed some people, but here’s who and what I’m praying for:

Single women who long for children

Father, I pray for your sufficiency to rest on these women in a new way today.

I pray that you would give them eyes to see the ways you are multiplying and filling the earth through them, making spiritual children through their lives.  I pray for patience in this season of un-fulfilled desires.

I pray for community that neither belittles this pain, nor seeks to emphasize it at the expense of your goodness and grace.

I pray for a faith to trust you with time and the way it weakens our bodies.  I pray for time to grieve dreams that have died, and I pray for that death to bring with it new life, new dreams.  I pray for a wave of single women to become passionate for motherhood by other means: whether spiritual, or through adoption or through becoming truly family with the children of God around them.  

Women who are dealing with infertility or an adoption or pregnancy deferred

I pray for physical healing.  I pray that right now you would open wombs in your people so that they might – like Hannah – bear sons and daughters that will be spent on your glory.  

I pray that you would comfort them in this struggle so that they might comfort others in seasons of longing and confusion.  

I pray – that in these moments where providence seems contrary to your desires – that you would grant them the grace to trust your goodness above all.  I pray that you would enable them to exploit this season of pain to learn in deep places of their hearts that you are a sufficient comforter, a sufficient joy, a sufficient purpose and sufficient identity for this life and the next.  

Moms who have lost a child or children who have lost a mom.

I pray for them to have opportunity today to grieve with you.  I pray that they would find time alone, to weep with the One who has lost a Son, Himself – so that we might have the great and precious comfort of His Spirit.  

I pray that they would be protected against bitterness or jealousy or frustration when they see the way others get to experience this day. I pray for them to have people around them today who think of them; who remember their pain  them in this darkness.  

I pray that they would have the courage and grace to celebrate the lives of those whose lack they feel so acutely today.

Those who have broken relationships with their mothers (or their children)

I pray for forgiveness to reign triumphant this day. I pray that even now, you would give those people the courage to ask for you to do whatever it takes to give them the joy of true forgiveness. 

I pray that forgiveness would be fueled by deep faith in a Father who will meet all our needs and whose love overwhelms the combined love of every mother on earth.  I pray that faith would fill the hearts of those with damaged relationships so deeply that they would find freedom to forgive without fear.

I pray that your kids in this situation would lead the way to reconciliation, waving the banner of your love.

One thought on “Four people I’m praying for today

  1. and the tears brim and spill warm, needed. as God uses these grace-words on the morning after a day where i was only one of many who walked through it with pain. as always, you have spoken precisely what this heart needed! thankful for the Spirit that moves you and for your willingness to share your gift. and knowing that these are not objectively-written words, but that you, as many of us, write from a place of hope deferred. may He hear the effective, fervent prayers of His daughters!

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