Giving God tomorrow.

I posted last week about a book I read recently that calls Christians to a place of surrender.  Will we be a generation that lifts up trembling hands to God and with a shaky voice says: Yes, Lord. I will do anything you ask?

I am so thankful for those of you who were willing to share with us what that prayer looks like for you.

For me, there are a million ‘anythings’; a million things I’m afraid to give over to my sweet and sovereign God.

The one on my mind today is tomorrow.tomorrow is tomorrow

I’ve wanted something new for so long.  I just want some sort of shift or change in the days of my life stop running together.  With a desire like that though, it’s tempting to start living for tomorrow instead of today.  It’s tempting to be distracted from the call of faithfulness today by the lure of tomorrow.

So I want to lay down my tomorrows. I want to trust God with every detail of every day that is yet to come.  I want to look at Him and say – with a sincere heart – anything.  My tomorrow’s are yours to write as you see fit.


In other news: the winner of the give-away is Hope!

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Here’s a little sneak peek from the book to whet your appetite:

“God we will do anything. Anything.”

Zac and I climbed into bed on a completely average night two years ago. We were pretty tired. We just laid there looking at the ceiling, with only small firework fantasies of what God might say. Zac took my hand and spoke the simple words we had been processing for the past few months but not yet been ready to say.

God had been opening our eyes to how precious our temporary lives were and how numbly we were moving through them.

We were over it. We were over building our lives. We were over houses and cars and cute Christmas cards. We wanted something; we couldn’t put our finger on it. It was burning in us. We had loved so many other things more than God.

We were ready to do anything.

So we prayed. As sincerely as I have ever prayed any other thing,
I prayed in my heart as Zac spoke:

“God we will do anything. Anything.”

It didn’t feel fancy. It wasn’t even a big deal. But the prayer held in it a thousand little deaths. In saying anything, it meant we were handing him everything. My heart raced a little at the thought… and then we fell asleep.

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  1. You have no idea how much I can relate to your heart in this post. I have reached the end of my rope and feel like I cannot go on doing the same old same old. A desire for life changing direction is deep, deep, deep in my heart. Thank you for writing this.

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