He cares.

Argh.  My heart is so full today it keeps catching me off guard.

I started writing a post I’d planned to share. About why you hear so many people say the holidays are hard and how our bodies keep score of losses – and they ‘celebrate’ anniversaries even when we don’t want them to.

But that blog will have to wait.  Because today’s it just a little bit of a love fest.

A love fest for the one who turned water into wine.  Even though it wasn’t yet His time.

What a crazy story.  Mary is like – oh no!  we ran out of wine!  Son – can you help?  And He’s like: look, mom, what does this even have to do with me?  it’s not my time.  And then she’s like – cool, so you’ll do it.  And He doesn’t say anything but next thing we know He’s turning water into wine.

What’s the deal here?  I’m sure I could google a million theologians who tell me the prophetic fulfillment and logistical purposes behind Jesus doing a miracle that He basically just said He wasn’t up for, but here’s what the text tells me:

  1. Jesus’ mom asked him to do a seemingly not-eternally-significant, not-overly-spiritual, not-particularly-noble miracle.
  2. Jesus’ response is to ask what it has to do with him, and clarify that it wasn’t time for him to do His thing yet.
  3. Jesus then does it.

So the rest – the reasons and the purposes, the intentions and the thoughts?  That’s just all of us trying to fill in gaps.  The truth is – we don’t know.  We don’t know why Jesus said that and then turned around and decided to do it.   And I guess God didn’t seem to deem it necessary for us to know.

Cause, maybe it’s complicated in ways it will take us an eternity to discover, but maybe the info contained in this story is also just a little more simple and clear.  Maybe we should spend less time obsessing about what we don’t know here, and more time focusing on what we do: our Jesus is a God who cares.

Maybe – there’s one of you who needs to hear this story as much as me today.  Maybe there is one of you who needs to hear that the Jesus in your head might have gotten edited by the spaces you’ve been a part of.  Maybe your Jesus has been censored by the fear that you might treat Jesus as if He works for you, that you control Him, that you can make Him do what you want through prayer.  Maybe you’re trying to avoid that so much, that instead, you’re treating Him as if He’s only epic and far away; only willing to get involved when it is indisputably eternally significant and efficient for His glory.

But here’s the thing – caring about you IS efficient for His glory.  His glory isn’t this cold and callous agenda.  It is just a word that describes what it looks like when we see Him exactly as who He is.  God’s agenda is to show you all the attributes He has at once – and we call that glory.  It’s just the revealing of who He truly is.  And who He truly is – is kind, and caring and loving.

He’s not caring so He can get glory.  He is caring.  And that’s glorious.

Turning the water into wine in Cana manifested His glory – not just cause it showed He has the power to do that kind of thing, but because He also did it in such a way that displayed more than just His power.  Jesus shows us the fullness of God – not just power, but tenderness, kindness, humility, generosity, care, and love.

The first public miracle Jesus did, happened because His mom wanted something seemingly non-eternal, not-overly-spiritual, not-particularly-noble. She interrupted the timeline He referenced. And what she asked for didn’t seem to have anything to do with Him.  And He did it.

And you know what?  That was eternal, and spiritual and noble.  Cause Jesus came to make the invisible God visible, and to make a way for Him to be known.  And that’s exactly what happened in this moment.

We saw that our God is one who cares.  He cares about whatever it is you’re facing today.  He cares about you and He cares about what you want. He cares about stepping into what you want with you.  He cares even if you think it’s seemingly not-eternally-significant, not-overly-spiritual, not-particularly-noble.

One thought on “He cares.

  1. Yes!!!!!!
    And also, very few people knew about the miracle at the time — so the bride’s and groom’s families weren’t embarrassed. (“Did you hear? They ran out of wine at so-and-so’s wedding?!?!? Ohhh, I bet that parent is stingy/ broke/ a poor planner/ a drunk who finished off the stuff that was supposed to be saved for the wedding.”)
    Such kindness…

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