Here’s what you missed in June.

If you’re anything like me you always think the summer is going to be this sweet relaxing time.

And then the summer comes and it turns out a little differently.  June has been nuts!

These are the words used most on my blog this month.

Below are the top posts from this month.

  1. Men wouldn’t Look at me when I was skinny.
  2. This isn’t the life I planned.
  3. Father’s Day.
  4. Singleness Suffering series
  5. Are Women Crazy series
  6. 5 Promises to get you through this week.
  7. 5 Promises to persevere you.
  8. Thanks John.
  9. Glad I prayed for suffering.
  10. Question of the Week: 5 questions to ask yourself.

This month has contained some posts that were really hard to write, (like #2&3) as well as some really crazy fun ones (like #1).

If you missed any, catch up and let me know what you think!

P.s. Thank you all for your kind support and prayers.  It really has meant more than I can say.

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