How to deal with needy graspy Fabs



My flesh is graspy today.

It’s clingy and needy; it’s panicked and scared that there is no more food coming.  And it is so loud today – so angry and so desperate – that my inner man wrapped in the Spirit doesn’t seem strong enough to quiet it.

I am tempted to follow my flesh; to feed it to quiet it down.  To make friends with it.

But I have the fuel I need to walk by the Spirit right here in His Word.

And that changes everything.

Faith will quiet my flesh.  Faith that He will give life to this body one day in the very same way He gave life to Christ’s.  It was faith in the resurrection that enabled Christ to walk to the Cross.  And I can have faith in that same truth.

I can look at my flesh and say – look flesh – there is coming a day when you will be fed with the same sweet satisfaction that my soul has received.  There is coming a day when you will be fully fat and full on the physical presence of God.

When you’re hungry, you can push through if you know a meal is coming.  When you’re lonely, you feel like you could push through if you knew a companion was coming.

Well, here’s what the Scripture tells us: push through.  Walk by the Spirit – listen to His leading – because you believe in the resurrection.

You believe that this life is not your flesh’s best chance for satisfaction.

The great news is, this helps me know what to do in every situation.  If I’m confused about what it practically means to walk by the Spirit, I have my answer:

  • which action is an overflow of faith in the resurrection?  
  • Do these thoughts I’m pondering communicate that the resurrection is my hope?
  • Do my actions testify that I’m looking forward to that day?
  • Do my emotions declare to the universe that I believe the greatest treasure is the ability to worship Jesus with all of my faculties: even my body.

Is that decision you’re making about your job one that is based in faith that this life is not the end?  Is the energy you’re investing in that relationship a result of deep belief that your body is made for another world?

My flesh wants real things today.  And telling it to be quiet, doesn’t help.  But, I have some great encouragement for my needy, graspy flesh: you’re going to get your turn.  In the same way my soul is satisfied by the sweetness of my savior, flesh – you too will be satisfied in Him one day.

This adoption will be complete.

3 thoughts on “How to deal with needy graspy Fabs

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  2. Good to read this today. Because of certain ailments, I find my body physically groaning for its redemption. Thanks for reminding me to keep telling it “soon, flesh…soon”

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