Just this

Just this, fabs.

This is all you have to do right now.  Be. And sit. And rest. And wait.

You don’t have to do tomorrow yet. Just slow down and stop scrambling to get ahead of whatever might be around the corner.  There are hard things there for sure.  Tomorrow holds challenges and obstacles, but today has obstacles enough of its own: starting with the challenge to be in today and not tomorrow.

You don’t have to do yesterday, with all its bumps and bruises and pain and failure and frustrations – that is not what you have to do today.  You just have to do this moment. Maybe how you feel about yesterday is a part of this moment, but yesterday itself is gone.

All you have to do is be where you are. You don’t even have to know where you are right now, you just have to be there.

All you have to do is be who you are.  You don’t even have to know who you are.  God knows. He knows the fullness of the truth of your heart. He knows the dividing line between flesh and spirit, between sin and YOU – the glorious new creation set free from sin and fully cleansed and redeemed by the blood of Jesus.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 8.35.11 PMAll you have to do is breathe in and out and trust that the world around you is not all it seems through the distortion of your senses.  You may not feel that reality fully in this moment, but you can just trust that it’s true.  You can just wrap His promises around you like a reverse security blanket – that may not make you feel instantly safe, but actually MAKES you safe.

All you have to do is rest. He will work.  All you have to do is trust.  He will act.  Just this. Just climbing into His lap and squeezing your eyes shut and clutching at Him while He fights off your demons and keeps the world spinning. All by Himself. Without any help from you.

Just this.

Just be.  Just breathe in and out.  Breathe in the Gospel.  Breathe in the love and approval and acceptance and embrace of your Father displayed in the face of His Son.  Breathe out the fears and insecurities, all the clinging for control and the grasping for grace like it might evaporate before you. All those things are no longer a part of the new creature that is you. They have no real power over you, except the power that you give them.  They are instinctive habitual responses to chains long gone.

Just this.  Just this one relationship. With Him.  Just focus on this relationship right now, because this relationship – when it is healthy – will spill over into all the other relationships.  The fractures in this relationship are at the root of all the other fractures in your life. And in the presence of the one man Jesus Christ is all you seek and all you need and all the food your soul craves.

Just this.

Just Him.

6 thoughts on “Just this

  1. I so needed to read this tonight after I feel so much failure from today. The condemnation I feel is not from Jesus and it only has the power that I give it. I needed to read this as I’m hyperventilating about tomorrow and the day after and after that and feeling like there is no way I can make it to the place I think I’m called to be. Thank you for this reminder that I just need to be in this moment breathing in gospel truths and breathing out acceptance and love freedom.

  2. Thank you for this very important reminder. I prayed this morning that God would show me today that I am free and forgiven. He’s used this blog to do just that. Thank you!

  3. What if you don’t like today? What if you don’t like who you are? You know God and trust him, but you want out of your current situation. Do you just wait for him to act? Or do you just start walking somewhere hoping he’ll eventually show you you’re on the right path? Just honest questions.

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