Lent 26-29: faith full

Well, good day my friends.

You know what I’m thinking about today?  Faithfulness.  Being filled with faith.  And how strange it is that we reduce that word to law keeping.  Like – Joe is faithful.  Meaning, Joe does what he says he’s going to and  he doesn’t mess up.  We can trust him to do what he says, because he’s faith-full.

What if being trustworthy is a fruit of faithfulness, but not faithfulness itself?

If faithfulness is being filled with faith, then it can’t mean “you can trust me.”  It must mean – “I trust Him.”  The faith that made the bleeding woman well in Mark was the faith to break the law to touch Jesus.  Joe is faithful if he trusts Jesus, not because we can trust Joe.  Joe is faithful if he believes Jesus will do what he says, not because we believe Joe will do what Joe says.

Faithfulness is a great word.  It shouldn’t be reduced to one of its symptoms.  It shouldn’t be reduced to keeping the rules or doing what you say you’re going to do.

I am thinking of it today as hanging on. Taking hold and saying you won’t let go of Him, Jacob style.  Being willing to keep asking and keep knocking, persistent widow style.  Throwing yourself at Him even when you think He’s not looking and doesn’t see you, bleeding woman style.

I’m not faithful.  Not the way I want to be. But the more I try to produce the symptoms I want – the obedience I want – the further I seem to stray. And maybe if I could think about it less like obedience and more like an eyes squeezed shut, fists clenched tight, grip on Him that nothing and no one can break – maybe that would make more sense.  Maybe He doesn’t need us to be like Joe.  Maybe He’s honored when we’re like Gus Gus, refusing to let go of that key, no matter what.  Like there’s nothing this world could do to make us let go.  Cause I’m desperate and needy and I’m hanging on to Him with all I got.

And maybe that’s what His faithfulness is sort of like: a grip on us that can’t be loosened.  Each of His promises, like fingers wrapped around us, impossible to pry off.

We’re hanging on to each other.  And when I grow weak, when my fingers fail, when I let go to reach for something shiny, He holds fast.  His faithfulness endures.

Here’s what I know: whatever faithful is, He’s it.

I’m sitting here today a little bit in awe about how His promises have been fulfilled in my life.  And it makes me want to hang on to Him even more.  His faithfulness begets mine.  And one thing I’m sure of – we will cling to each other through this storm, through the sun, until the day when faith is no longer necessary at all.

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