Lent 3: today’s the day

Well, Lent day 3 and I am cutting it close to the wire on this one.

Sitting on my couch tonight cause I’ve been benched by allergies, and I’m going to go ahead and blame those allergies for my slightly damp eyes watching Nashville.

I was planning to write today a little more about what I was processing yesterday, but today is almost over and that’s not how I’m spending the rest of it.  So, instead I’ll pass along a little wisdom that my mom shared with me today.  Sometimes moms are trying to tell you how to live your life and they give you wisdom that makes you roll your eyes, and then down the line you realize they were right.

Sometimes they’re just trying to get through their own lives, and watching them you learn the wisdom in real time.  It’s usually the kind that changes you.

That’s today’s kind.

Today my mom was telling me about how she’s just trying to live in the present, not waste a second.  It resonates.  Cause right now I’m sort of living the dream.  Still I feel myself feeling like I need to look ahead, plan ahead, figure out what’s next or bemoan that this season too will end.

You know the thing is, it always ends.  Seasons change.  Sweetness gives way to sorrow and sorrow hands the baton to resurrection which often comes just before despair.  It all evaporates.  No season has all the pains and no season has all the joys.  But this one – the one you’re in today – it’s the only time you’ll ever be here, the only time you’ll ever be this version of you, the only time you’ll ever not know the things tomorrow will teach you.  So treasure ever naive hope and treasure every hard lesson.  In this words of Jimmy Elliot: wherever you are, be all there.

And on that note, I’m gonna go watch the rest of Nashville.

Lent question of the day: what unique joys and pains does today hold for you?  What does it look like to savor them?  

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