Lent 9: thanking thoughts

Day 9!  I’m honestly surprised I’ve made it this far.  (I mean, in Lent writing, not in life – although, that too).

I’m exhausted tonight. Much to do and no time to write, but discipline is only discipline if you do it when you don’t have time or inclination.

Here’s a feeling I have today: gratitude.  I’m thankful.  Filled with thanks. Much of it.

Cause I’m here in this moment in my life and I love the Gospel, and, because of the story I’ve been given, I don’t love it in the way most people talk about loving it, but I love it in a way that changes me deeply and irrevocably and makes me actually different.  And it makes me actually free to love people differently than I ever thought I would and I am free to be in reckless and ridiculous relationships with others because of the story I’ve been given, and I see that playing out in my life.

And I get to work with amazingly creative people and I get to go to school.  And I have like three of my dream jobs all at the same time.

And it just feels like – if all of the pain and all the chaos lead me here: to a place where I love better and fuller and I believe more deeply and freely and I care less about stupid things and more about people – then, thank you.

Those are all my thoughts today. <3

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