Let it be with me as you have said.

Almighty Creator, and nearest friend,
Holy God, and humble sympathizer,
Let it be with me as you have said.

Let my life this year be a testimony of your power:
Power to purify the darkest of hearts,
Power to produce faith in the dimmest of minds,
Power to renew and redeem through the most selfish of hands.

Grant me faith to believe my heart is made of flesh not stone.
Show me the grace it can steward by design
Show me how deep and wide my heart can be;
How much of the Spirit it can hold in its redeemed state.
Prove to me it is no longer ruined;
It is no longer deadened and useless for any purpose outside my own.

Make it softer still.
Let your Spirit run over the sharp edges of my heart,
let Him flow like water over rock, carving stone into submission.
Smooth out the rougher portions; soften them with tender pressure and steel gentleness.
Strengthen the corners where my heart is weak and illuminate the corridors where darkness still dwells.

Make my heart unyielding to the world,
Unshaken by the relentless pounding of the Enemy’s influence,
But responsive and trembling at the slightest breath of your Word.

Teach my re-made heart to sing better songs.
Teach my re-made heart to long for greater things;
To long for your glory, to long to be found faithful.
Teach my re-made heart to have greater ambitions than self-exaltation;
Ambitions of knowing you deeper and loving you more,
Ambitions of souls redeemed and cities restored.

I pray that even now you would press promises deep into the softened clay of my heart, and imprint them for eternity.

I pray that even now you would turn my heart upside down,
Shifting your glory underneath my own,
Making You the foundation of my joy, my life and my love.

Apart from you I can never be what I am not.
Apart from you I can never be what I am.

May you spend me this year as you see fit,
And grant me the faith to believe that the way you spend me is best.

Oh, mighty God and loving Father,
faithful friend and wisest counselor,
I have one request to make of the Alpha and Omega:
Let it be with me as you have said.

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