Look to the Lord

“Are you burdened with cares?  Cast them on the Lord.

Do you have responsibilities to fulfill?  Does your business know that God assigned you this ‘calling and employment’ and require that you work according to the precepts of His Word?  God alone can bless your efforts, and the glory of God should be the ultimate goal of all your work.

Are you tempted to follow another way?  Shelter yourself under His grace.

Are you suffering?  Submit to HIs will, and trust the love behind His fatherly corrections.

Is your mind caught up in hopes or fears about the future?  Wait on God who rules over life and death, good and evil…every mintue of every day contains ample reasons to look to the Lord.” – Matthew Henry

Call on Him, even now.

Wherever you are, shut your eyes for just a second and cling to God.

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