March madness

Well, March has left us, taking with it my birthday, Easter and the most beautiful weather we generally get down here in Austin.

Here are my ten posts from this past month in the form of a paragraph:

Our Easter service

I had a little bit of a stage-of-life reflection month.  I think God is pushing me to grasp that the circumstances in my life are evidence of love.  I think He wants me to know that when I act as if I’m ‘single for a reason‘ it communicates something about my view of God.  Additionally, I processed the 4 reasons to be a sister before you’re a wife.

Mid March things got a little crazy on the blog.  I shared a heartfelt and painful plea to women of the Church and as a result my blog found itself with a lot of new eyes, and I found myself facing a lot of accusations that I didn’t expect, but were a good reminder to press into the Gospel.

In the middle of the marriage issues sweeping the internet, I stumbled across this letter to the church.

Work wise, this month has been nuts, which is why it seemed the perfect time to share a guest post a friend wrote on masturbation and work.  I’ve felt overwhelmed a lot, and I tried to press into my neediness, (inspired by a guy I like).

The past couple of weeks I’ve felt a little bit of a weariness creeping up in my soul.  I shared some honest and embarrassing words.

This Easter Sunday, I stood among thousands of believers and begged God for the grace to respond to the truth that Jesus is alive.  And I’m His.  And it was kind of special; to be with my family.

I looked around at all the people, some radically in love with this man who is God, and some apathetic and indifferent.  And I was more convinced than ever: we need more.

Happy April to you.

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