May they be secure who love you

May they be secure who love you.

It’s a proverb and a prayer and a hope – thrown upwards to a God who hears.

But it’s also just a logical and obvious conclusion. Those who love you will be secure.

We want Your words to work like a magic spell: squeeze our eyes shut and say it over and over again until we feel secure.  But Your words are – like you – unfailingly clear, crisp and perfect with no haze of sorcery around them.  They are just the truth. Heaven sent to lead us.

And these particular words lead us – not to a close-eyed mantra – but to a sober truth. The security we seek may be eluding us – not because we don’t have enough trust or prayers – but maybe because we do not love you enough.

Those who love you are secure. 

Of course they are.  If the thing you love more, most, only – if that thing is promised, guaranteed, cannot be taken from you – then of course, you are secure.

After all, what is insecurity except the fear of losing what you love? What is insecurity, except the quiet and clear knowledge (that you constantly seek to silence) that the things you treasure most can be taken from you: your talents, your ability, your spouse, your kids, your future, your finances.  And which each external threat, that internal whisper grows louder – you are not safe. Your beloved is not safe.  Your precious is at risk.  The thing you love most is in danger.

But what if – the holder of your heart was Him? What if the love for Him so eclipsed all else that He literally was the One person you couldn’t live without, and the One person who as long as you had Him all would be okay? If. Then. Then you would be secure, for He can never be taken from you in Christ.

Here’s a question:

When insecurity comes, when suffering washes over us in the form of momentary anxiety or monumental destruction, and we do what we know is right and we wrap the promises of God around us, we pick up His love for us and we cling to it – when we do all that – why doesn’t it work?

Why doesn’t Romans 8 – the promise that God will never leave us – quiet our anxiety and fear and bring us the surpasing joy and inexplicable peace that the Bible describes?

You know why.  I know why.  We just don’t want to admit it.

Because the thing we are afraid of most – is not losing God, but losing other things, other people, other dreams.

You see, the love of God promises that you will never lose Him.  But that promise only helps if He is what you’re scared of losing.

There is no love like the love of God.  I have crossed the borders of the love of man but I have not yet seen the start of the love of God.  And of course, the more you see of His love, the more you see of Him and as a result – the more you will love Him.  But it is not just the love of God that will make you secure. That will only work if you love God.

What a gift it is – what a perfect prayer to toss heavenward – to love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your mind and with all your strength and with all your soul.

Not because He needs it. Not because He’s weak or insecure. But because when He is your treasure – you can lay your head and sleep in peace, you can feel and find the joy in every moment, you can be continuously satisfied and still drown in the romantic longing for more of Him.

Imagine that life: where your beloved is yours and you are His.  Nothing can separate you from Him.

Let the world crumble around our reckless love.  What have we to fear?

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