Men wouldn’t look at me when I was skinny.

Boy oh boy.

I saw this yesterday and it made me laugh and gasp and then feel the tingle of conviction all over my body.

Here are a couple of things I’m thinking after seeing this:

1. We want whatever we don’t have.

The Bible calls it coveting, and this ad is proof that we are slaves to it.  Whatever body is hardest to have is the body we will worship and the body we will want.  This ad is from the depression era.  Circumstances made women ‘skinny’, and as a result they coveted what they did not have.

I know you think that if you just had better thighs or bigger boobs you would be satisfied.  Trust me.  You wouldn’t.  You will always want what you don’t have.  If you got the ‘one thing’ you think you want, you’d just want something else.

2. Your perception of beauty is distorted.

I’m a BIG believer in stewarding your body well. It’s a tool for ministry and a gift from God.  But, don’t deceive yourself.  Your desire to have a flat stomach has nothing to do with you wanting to ‘honor God’ with your body.

We have to be aware that our thoughts on beauty have been influenced by our culture. We have been seduced and swayed to the point that we really believe (despite what we say at Sunday School) that what we think is beautiful is just our personal preference.  It’s not.  It’s what we’ve been taught is beautiful by our culture.

Go back to the Bible.  How does God define beauty?  What would your life looked like if you agreed with Him about the standard of beauty?

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. (Romans 12:2)

3. Spend your time/money/resources on the only Savior.

It’s ridiculous to us that someone would buy a ‘tablet’ to make them gain weight.  We look at this and think: how foolish would a woman have to be to pay money for that??

Hmm.  It’s pretty much what we do every single day.  We spend our resources on what we think will save us.

Women everywhere have a common understanding of ‘hell’.  Their worst nightmare is not being wanted.  They long to be desired.

This ad was written to save them from that ‘hell’.  Buy this tablet and you will be wanted.  Buy this tablet and you won’t be friendless.

Sound familiar?

Maybe your hell is being disapproved of, so you make decisions about how to spend your time based on what you think will save you from that, instead of pressing into God to see how He wants to spend you.

Maybe your hell is being single, so instead of setting your mind on things above, you spend your precious mental energy day dreaming about the life that will save you from that hell.

Maybe your hell is being insignificant, so you spend all your resources on your career, neglecting your primary calling from Christ.

Here’s the deal: there’s only one real Hell, and there’s only one real Savior.

Spend your time, energy, thoughts, heart and finances on things that will stir your heart for Him and bring Him the glory that only He deserves.

9 thoughts on “Men wouldn’t look at me when I was skinny.

  1. The thing I have been wrestling with though is not only is my perception of beauty distorted but so is everyone elses, not least most guys when it comes to what they are looking for a woman. Being overweight, the reality is that men aren’t men aren’t looking my way and certainly aren’t asking me out. I can deconstruct the cultural messages and try to stay God focused but that doesn’t change the fact that our culture trains men to consider women who look like me undesirable and that it has frustrating implications for me life. This is one of the things that puts my belief in God’s sovereignty to the test, trying to believe that God make me how he did for a reason, not to cruelly frustrate me and that God’s plans for when it comes to my marriage or singleness are not derailed by cultural ideals or how I happen to look. That is kinda hard to believe some days.

    1. I don’t have the answer to this but I 100% agree with you. You might not agree with this next statement that I’m going to make but it’s one of my related thoughts: I often feel like my singleness is punishment for (lots of things) but as connected to this–because of the sin of others who have bought into this cultural message.

      Ugly? Yep. But honest.

  2. Ok Fabs, I have a question. When what I see as “spending myself” for Christ actually makes me miserable what does that mean? Should I do it anyway? Or is there some kind of fundamental disconnect?

    1. Great question!! I’m going to email you to get you to flesh it out a little more and I’ll address it in a ‘question of the week’ soon!

  3. “Women everywhere have a common understanding of ‘hell’. Their worst nightmare is not being wanted. They long to be desired.”

    Oh wow. Yeah, absolutely. I’ve never before thought about the struggle in these terms – in equating/relating/comparing a fear of not being wanted in this life (my perception of singleness) to not being ‘wanted’ in the next life (hell).

    Gonna chew on that analogy for the rest o’ the day…

    Thanks for the food for thought!

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