My 4th of July got off to a bumpy start with an early screening of Dirty Wars this AM.

Gosh.  That movie will transform your shouts of “GO ‘Merica!’ into a mumbling mess of disappointment with our government.

I left feeling sort of sad and confused and longing for the sweet naivety of blind faith in the ‘greatness’ of America.merica_american_pride_slang_usa_flag_hand_towel-r6a6f6ad9742a498bb04cf00ff979f02a_2cf11_8byvr_512

But I think this sad, confused, longing is good for me.  It’s good for me to remember a couple of things today:

1. There is no country in this world that is good and right and true.

In this life – there is no place where righteousness rules and evil is conquered.

There’s no government that rules in victory and truth.  No nation where life is treated with the dignity that it merits through the hands of its creator.

America is not the Kingdom of God.

Beware the thought today that we can make for ourselves a world like His.  Beware the thought that our country has climbed closer to Heaven than any before us.

2. There are only one way to be truly free

Laws will never make you free.

Rights will never make you free.

If you celebrate freedom today, let it be the freedom that was bought for you by Christ.  Freedom to lay down your rights.  Deliverance from slavery to sin and death.

Christian, you are indeed part of a holy nation, but that nation is not founded on the blood of soldiers, but the blood of One man.   That nation is ruled, not by an elected official, but by a King appointed by His identity as the Alpha and the Omega.

Find your citizenship in Heaven today.  Find your allegiance in His Kingdom’s cause.  Find your pride in His righteousness alone.

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