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Here’s an excerpt:

If you want to create a gospel-centered culture of fighting sin through discipleship, then you have to accept that the potential destructiveness of sin is not determined by its size. Often we think the fight with sin is a fight to keep it under control. We think that as long as we keep our lustful thoughts to ourselves and don’t let them burst out into adultery, we’re doing okay, but according to Jesus, lust in our minds is just as deadly as outward adultery. Both can kill just as easily.

We can’t fight the sin inside our hearts, and we certainly can’t help the person we’re discipling if we don’t acknowledge that Jesus isn’t kidding when he says that thoughts are as deadly as actions. The secret and acceptable sins are terrifyingly deadly. Like a gas leak, they can be killing us slowly and silently while we carry on with our days.

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  1. Hey Fabs, I saw you name on the GCD website and went to check you blog and what do you know! 🙂 Kudos on the article!


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